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This is the third part of Travels with Greg, the story of a six-week documentary shoot in Europe in the fall of 2004. You can read parts 1 and 2 here and here.   At eight in the morning the offices were usually empty, with the exception of a couple of editors finishing the graveyard […]

This is Part Two of Travels With Greg.  You can read Part One here.   THE ITINERARY Week 1 – The Netherlands horrible disaster discussed: the North Sea Flood plus: Bruno the klompenböer; the longest bicycle in the world; the biggest field hockey stick ever   Week 2 – south of France horrible disaster discussed: […]

  This is the first of a series of day-by-day entries on my six-week documentary shoot through Western Europe in 2004. Warning: there was no sex on this trip, unless you’re counting the highly audible Dutch couple in the adjacent room. Up until then I never realized that inarticulate grunts and cries were delivered in […]