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Holy crap, people?  Could it be that I’m out of the country, at long finally last?  Yes it could!  It’s a shorty but a goody as I tell you all about the experience of sitting on a plane and eating a vegan breakfast on an international Air Canada flight.  If you’re just catching up now, […]

This is the fifth part of Travels With Greg, the story of my six-week documentary shoot through six countries in Western Europe. Join us as I write yet another entry that does not take us out of the country. If you want to start from the start (the better to get a piece of my […]

I say ‘Ola’ to you because this is my grown-up and entirely desperate version of Dora the Explorer. This is the fourth entry in the ongoing story of my six-week documentary shoot through Europe in the autumn of 2004. Four entries in and I still haven’t left – I haven’t even boarded the plane yet. […]